Saturday, January 17, 2009

Once Upon a Time a CRO(that's me, Cinda Rae Oliverio, the wider gal in white! I've got to work on that this year! UG!) met MISTY MAWN!!! I met Misty at one of her FAVORITE places, on the beaches of Lake Erie! She and her family lived there at the time! I think it was 2005!!! Phew! That is hard to believe!
Anyway, I have known of her art for a good while, even when she was known as Wheel Thrown Pottery on Ebay! I bought several pieces of art from her back then! hehe I even bought a pottery beautiful green mug and a blueish dish from her and when we were saying good-bye from our Lake Erie visit she gave my husband and me 2 wonderful brownish big mugs!
Over the years I have bought more SWEET BEAUTIFUL MISTY ARTWORK, I must have at least 20! This includes ATC's, panelboards, wood, a canvas,prints, postcards, Originals on watercolor paper, cardboard and wire! I even had to delicately wrangle a sweet piece of her art from the outside of a package she had sent me!!! It was on the outside!!!It was of a tree coming out of a hand......
What can I say???!!! I am a BIG FAN, A groupie of Misty Mawn!!! LOL Misty is my FAVORITE ARTIST! There's a lot of us out there!!!LOL
Well, to get to the point of this story, last month on this date, December 17th was a MOST BEAUTIFUL DAY!!! I opened the door to my front porch and there it was!!! A brown wrapped package from Misty! I knew it was from her, she didn't include her return address! I know her writing by now!Like a mad woman I tore into that package, not breathing I don't think!!! THERE IT WAS!!!!!!!! THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BIRD PAINTING I had ever seen(there are a few dozen more out there, have YOU seen her artist's papers from Somerset Studio??? the BLUEBIRDS?!!just to name one, hehe)
WELL, SUCH A GIFT AT SUCH A TIME,FROM SUCH A DARLING WOMAN, I'M JUST SPEECHLESS, WORDLESS, STILL THINKING OF THAT DAY! There are 2 birds on this artwork, there is a little bluebird also, a bluebird of HAPPINESS!!!
I went to the kitchen and there they were!!!! Mostly CARDINALS, some other BIRDS too and they were SINGING on a branch right outside my window! They have never done that in winter ever at this certain location and I haven't seen them back!!! SEEEEEEEEEEE what it says on the painting......"here sky, land, will watch over you. I will sing to you." This was my MIRACLE! After such a time I had in October and some of November from the depression I was in, this GIFT touched my heart and the birds coming to sing for me after getting this bird painting, well, YOU can know how I felt! December 17th was a magical day for me! I think back on it often. Misty has given me other gifts too, she has been sooOOOOOOOooOo kind to me!!!She is the one who sent me SWEET BAKLAVA through the mail her mom had made! mmmmmmmmMMMM! She is indeed a special in my heart friend. THANK YOU MISTY!!! I told YOU I was going to try and capture that day on a collage! It was JOYOUS!!!and your gift is a GIFT that goes on GIVING every day!!!every time I LOOK at it and that is often!

Sunday, January 04, 2009

I want to WISH a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! to my sweet peeps who like to visit me here!!! xoxoxoxoxx, CRO aka Cinda